1 SUIT worn 3 WAYS. That is on the menu for today!!

I am absolutely obsessed with a good blazer because it effortlessly spices up any outfit. But what about a suit? How can we make this work for more than just one occasion? Look no further darling! In todays video you will learn 3 easy ways to style a suit.

But first… Here are a few tips when shopping a tailored blazer.

Things to look out for:

  1. The shoulders – It should fit right in line with your shoulder
  2. Waist/Side seam area – It should be snug creating an hourglass effect
  3. Space or stretch across the back – It should allow you to cross your arms without pulling

P.s Check if the jacket has a lining. Make sure that the lining is more fabric than the outside fabric so that you have room to move against the lining without pulling on the outer fabric.

The suit I am wearing in the video is from Strength And Honour and was definitely comfortable!

Let me know your take on styling a suit :). I love hearing from you!

Happy Styling!

xXx Your Personal Stylist xXx