On the 3rd September I got to do my very first “TALK”. I am not exactly sure what it is called but I was one of the guest speakers at Releasing Eagles, Physical Intelligent workshop. I shared on how to dress your body type and really inspired to do a series on it on my blog. But still thinking about it, anyway….

Do you know what body type/shape you have?

Dressing for your PEAR shaped body

I am a PEAR, also known as the TRIANGLE, smaller on top and bigger around the hips. What we should accentuate are our collarbones and waists. The question I am guessing you would ask is, “Should we avoid things that makes our hips look bigger?” And I would answer saying, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Dressing for your body type is not to make yourself look thinner but to accentuate your “better” parts.

Dressing for your PEAR shaped body

In the images below you will see I tied the wrap pants in the smallest part of my waist and paired it with a top (which is actually a playsuit) with straps that make my shoulders look slightly broader. Now, this may be a concern but creating a balance is just as important as accentuating. My “broader” shoulders now balance out my exaggerated hips and the lines on the top will help elongate my torso.

Red wrap pants paired with Red playsuit Red wrap pants aired with Red playsuit

You are more than welcome to email me or comment below if you need assistance with dressing for your body type.

Dressing for your PEAR shaped body

Happy Shaping!

Photographed by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorialism

Wardrobe Credit:

Clothing – EVE emporium

Shoes – ChiChoBello

Style Video produced by 3Crowns Studio