It is awesome having curly hair but also a stress from time to time but hey; I guess that’s with all hair types.

Every curly headed girl will tell you it is not as easy as you think maintaining these babies. They do their own thing; show off when they lus and can also decide to be lekker lazy and lay flat on your head.

For months I’ve been having a jol using ELVIVE, Loreal Paris Triple Resist reinforcing conditioner. This conditioner not only moisturized my curls and made it smell extremely edible but also gave me the body it needed but I wanted to try something new and didn’t know where to start.

What I found amongst the curly headed community of ladies is that we like to share our methods and madness with each other as well as the products we use. Gerry, my hair saver, introduced me to Aunt Jackie. One day I saw her and asked, “What are you using? Your curls look lekker!” She casually replied AUNT JACKIE you can find it at Clicks and it is on sale. Ken jy ‘n vroumens met hair issues? If you did then you would know how fast I walked over to Clicks to get my hands on some Aunt Jackie! Without hesitating I grabbed 3 (buy two get one free) of the 5 pots that were left on the shelf and hoped hat I took the correct things.

Curly hair product reviewCurly hair product reviewCurly hair product review

I am still not sure if my selection was correct but it WORKED!!!

What made the selection easy were the cool product names. They had names on it that my hair needed like  fix my hair, purify me and don’t shrink.

Aunt Jackie Curly hair product review Aunt Jackie Curly hair product review

My hair methods:

  1. Wash with purify me
  2. Apply fix my hair and comb my hair with my fingers before rinsing. I don’t use combs because my hair is very fine and breaks easily, so I gently work through my hair with my fingers.
  3. Wrap hair in a t-shirt for a short while before applying the don’t shrink gel.
  4. Then the scrunching begins till dry.

Aunt Jackie curly hair product review

 Final results:


I am well pleased that after the gel dries; my hair is not sticky and on days that I want a loser curl I can just scrunch my gelled curls and still have it looking tamed with zero frizz.

If you are in South Africa, you can find Aunt Jackie’s Coils and Curls at any Clicks stores.

Here’s a link to their a section on their site that will help you select the right product for your texture type

 PS. Hair methods will change for everyone because our strands are different.

 Happy Hair Styling!