Hellooo 2017!!!

We in South Africa are so fortunate to be experiencing the New Year with sunshine and jolly faces. I am sure it isn’t that miserable in other countries that may be entering the New Year in winter but eish, I am happy it isn’t me!

How excited are you for 2017?

I am over the moon and looking forward to what God has in store for me. Pastor Neville Mcdonald of GHCC declared that 2017 is a year to BUILD.

Building – United – Innovative – Loving – Disciple

What I got from it for the empire I am growing is:

Building – A strong foundation and structure.

Uniting – Be a team player, join others or have them join me.

Innovative – Be one step ahead and creative.

Loving – Show compassion and esteem others higher than myself.

Disciple – Share what I have been taught.

And with that great word for the year, I decided to finally launch my own label that has been put on hold for at least two years now.

ANCHORED STREET – an innovative Street Style brand.

The very first garment is a reconstructed multi-functional cold shoulder shirt, which can be worn in various ways.

Look One

fashion cold shoulder top

Conservative – Worn either with a belt for a more tailored look or just as is.

Look Two

Cold shoulder top cold shoulder top Cold shoulder top

Cute – Worn as a crop top by tying the points of the shirt.

Look Three

Cold shoulder top cold shoulder top

Sexy – Worn turned around with the buttons at the back, either buttoned up or just with a few buttons closed.


The tops available for purchase are shirts donated by men who support the awareness of abuse against women. A percentage of the sales made will go to a Safe Haven for women.

If you know of any havens suitable and may be in need of the funding, feel free to email me or comment below.

Check out Anchored Street’s Facebook page to see what is available for you.

 AshSwartz Photography

Photographed by AshSwartz Photography

Happy Styling!!!!