Hi Stylistas, as seen in the title we talking about Autumn Fashion – RED to be specific. I have also just started a new series on Youtube called, Fashion Colour Connection. Yes darling, I am sure you’ve seen everyone is all of a sudden RED MAL! But have you ever thought about how RED makes you feel and why you feel that way??

Well, I don’t know the answers to everything but have someone special joining me to explain everything to you. Oh yes, I have decided to produce more video content and hope that you will enjoy watching YOUR PERSONAL STYLIST do her thang :). You will need to subscribe in order to get notifications but, I will defs be posting the video here too!

I’ve GOT you, hunny!

It has been while since I have written something and some of you actually asked “whats up?”. That is very sweet and it reassures me that you enjoy what I have been sharing. THANK YOU for caring and taking time out to check up on me lol.. Anyway, this is not meant to be one of those sentimental posts so here it goes…

Fashion Colour Connection