Between the HAPPINESS (the proposal and actual wedding day), there is a lot of stress that no one really warns you about. I was super cool about having to plan a wedding in just a few months and kept saying God will come through in ways we could never imagine. THAT was my sense of peace… but then along came the rest of my life as well as the extra party we had to host just so we are able to celebrate with the friends we wish we could have invited to the wedding.

This is what some people are probably thinking “why don’t you just wait to have a bigger wedding?” or “julle wil mos gou trou”, and these are all valid but when God’s will needs to be done, it WILL be DONE whether man can imagine the impossible or not. Everything in life is to bring glory to him so why would God wait for a “perfect” time for us to get married. And many may see this timing as perfect actually because it looks like we live effortless lives and have it all together, but what you seeing is GRACE! Each day we are given an opportunity to take life on with a new attitude.

We don’t have what most couples that are getting married have but we have the one thing that matters most, JESUS! And with him we are able to have the BEST wedding we could ever imagine and an even better life together thereafter.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind can imagine what God has in store for you… 1 Corinthians 2v9

When I started typing this post I just wanted to complain and share about how exhausting it is trying to do everything, but as I am typing I can’t stop thinking about the many things I should be grateful for. The many blessings that we’ve received and the love and support we receiving from various people, some that never ever spoke to us before. Our support frame is so thick, if ever we needed advice we will have people to turn to. All of this makes me sure that this is God’s Will. I never doubted this union but I do get anxious about the things I cannot see or cannot control and when I panic there are great friends reminding me that everything will be okay.

For those getting married, your fiancé isn’t always going to understand why you are freaking out the way that you do, and that is okay. We are all wired differently and what matters to us ladies, is not on their priority list and that is okay too. BUT, do have a good group of friends you can talk to about the things you are worried about and see to the things that are bothering you and move on.

If ever you feel things are getting too much just remember the first few days of that particular chapter and hold on to why you went for it in the first place. Everything starts with a choice! The same way Chester chose me, I chose him too. So I will persevere and push through the burning shoulders and aching back.

Enjoy the season you in, you will never get to live it again!