Welcome to StyleByLoren Apparel!

The Simple yet Eccentric Fashion Brand conceptualised by a trust stylist, StyleByLoren.

After many years of constantly being asked, “Where did you buy that? Can you make one for me too?” Loren decided it was time to finally start a clothing line. This was in fact always something she had hoped to do, but due to her not having any professional clothing production experience she was hesitant. That sense of doubt was short lived because with her 10 years of Fashion Styling and 4 years of Personal Styling experience, she knew that she was able to give people more than just good clothing.

In 2019, with the help of 2 genuinely kind women who came alongside Loren to support her dream, she was then able to kick-start the process. However today, Loren outsources the production services from small cmts in and around the Cape Flats. 

“StyleByLoren uses the power of fashion to empower and equip others.”

With a heart for people and fashion being her tool, she is always trying to offer garments that require minimal fuss and effortlessly stylish in classic silhouettes (simple) made up in bold prints/colours (eccentric). 

Clothing is a conversation starter and Fashion is meant to be fun!