Over the weekend, I got to talk on “How to Close Deals in heels“, at the Empowering Boss Babes event. Women between the ages of 21 – 60+ were in attendance, and all the guest speakers were extremely informative!

As nervous as I was, I felt extremely honoured to be in a room filled with BOSS LADIES, who were so down to earth and friendly. Not that boss ladies aren’t friendly, but when you run your own business, it is easy to get stuck in the clouds – just saying!

How to Close Deals in heels

There are three things to think about before walking into a meeting with those you wanting to do business with.


First impressions count!

How you look is the very first thing most people will judge you on. Their judgment is something you cannot avoid but you can influence it. Ask yourself, “Is how I look what I would accept should the tables be turned?”, “Would I hire someone who is dressed like I am dressed?”. If your answer is yes, then you good to go.

how to close deals in heels


Confidence is key!

Your appearance wouldn’t matter if you had confidence. It is the one thing that allows the potential client to believe in what you believe. If you are 100% sure of what you have to offer, it makes investing into you much easier. Do YOU believe YOU are what they need?

how to close deals in heels

Step 3 – PASSION

The engine in you!

Showing how passionate you are about whatever it is you pitching, allows the client to see your heart. It creates transparency that will give him/her a better understanding of what they investing into. Passion pushes you to do the extreme and go the extra mile. And who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that…

how to close deals in heels

I hope that you have found this information shared, useful and informative!

My point of reference for what I have shared is based on personal experiences. 

If you would like to book me to talk at any of your events, feel free to email me: info@stylebyloren.co.za