It’s time to kick the bucket and change things up a bit. I mean, common now! It is a new year and I am so over seeing the same things being paired together and so over people feeling like they can’t wear something because way too many “cool kids” were seen wearing something a certain way. Why do you even care?? Dra net die ding man! So today we will be focusing on dressing up a denim dungaree. And I’m keeping it simple honey, because YOU need to add your own flare and maybe its time you show me how you’d rock your dungaree.

In this post I selected two ways to dress up this denim dungaree. My selection I would say is one way to add a feminine twist to an item of clothing often thought of as “street” or “young”.

Instead of pairing it with the obvious t-shirt and sneakers, this is what I chose:

  1. A blouse or shirt as some of you would say.
  2. A blazer.
  3. Embroidered pointed slip-ons.

 More about this look:

Dungaree and shirt/blouse, Mr Price. Sunglasses, Third Eyewear. Ruby Red lipstick, Glamore. Shoes, Luscious by Lauren. Blazer, Honeychild.

Photographed by AshSwartz Photography

Well, that’s it!

Don’t stop wearing something being it may have been styled distasteful. Just pair it with things that will showcase your personality and personal style.

If you own a denim dungaree and finding it hard to style it up, let me know. I would be happy to assist you.

Happy Styling!!!


dressing up a denim dungaree