Dressing for international trips/flights went from dressing up with hats and three-piece suits to looking like you going to a sleepover. Yes, comfort is important, but you are guaranteed to feel self-conscious if you arrive looking like you about to visit your neighbour down the street.

Make the little effort in dressing nicely. Catching an international flight isn’t exactly something you do everyday, so make it count!

When I had researched what type of clothing to avoid when traveling overseas, I was extremely annoyed at what most articles had shared. Why all the rules?? Come on now! But slowly, I realised that as much as we’d like to wear whatever it is we’d like, we also do not want to become a target to the unfriendly species and rather blend and get to make the most of every moment. Right? Well, YES! Wisdom over anything, ANY DAY! Especially after being a victim to sticking out as a sore thumb in Nigeria, but that my friend, is a story for another day…

 One of the things you will need to do before packing your bag, is to check what the culture is like in the country/countries you are planning on traveling to. But, because there are so many articles on what not to pack in, I am going to share some of my top FIVE items you should consider packing instead.

Lets get cracking…

  My personal top FIVE things that should definitely be packed in:


A basic casual black jumpsuit can be dressed up and down. For colder days or nights, a polar neck or long sleeve top with a scarf around the neck will do. Paired with either sneakers, boots or stilettos. If it’s a slightly wider leg (which you should consider opting for to get more wear out of it), then wear a pair of leggings or stockings underneath. Both leggings and stockings don’t take up much space and could be paired with many other diverse clothing items too. On the hotter days, a tank top or cute off-the-shoulder top should do, with cute sandals. But should you need to dress it up, add some accessories and stilettos, and you are good to go!


Now, before you bite my head off. A jumpsuit and a playsuit are NOT the same thing. A playsuit is short and the jumpsuit is long. So, now that we have that out the way… lets proceed. On colder days or nights, you can wear stockings with your playsuit and depending on the type of sleeve it has, you could either just throw on a jersey/jacket or add a long sleeve top underneath. OR, just wear your jumpsuit over your playsuit LIKE I DID (as seen in the images above). And for hotter days, wear it as it is. But don’t forget your sunblock!


As mentioned in the very first paragraph of this post I said “…comfort is important…” and then later I said “Make the little effort in dressing nicely”. Well, honey… the wedge will do both those things for you. It’s an effortless way of spicing up any look yet still being super comfortable at the same time.


This is self-explanatory. Finish off any look with a perfect shade of red lipstick and BOOM, “who dat?“, is the reaction you are bound to get.

Last, but not least…


Sunglasses, is that little bit of glam you just should not go without. Other than it being super important for your eyes, it is also a great cover up when you not wanting to wear makeup.

Final Note: Try to avoid garments that needs ironing and keep the travel adventure hassle-free! Oh and, hire me should you need any assistance. Book here 

Dressing for international trips
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Happy traveling and styling!!