The school holidays has come and gone and eish I am only getting to share my experience of having a “Job shadow/Intern”, better known to us as a Fashion Shadow with you now. I believe all things happen for a reason and every delay comes with a greater reward.


 Meet Esther Cupido aka EstherStarry, the beauty on the left.

An aspiring fashion journalist who has the most gentle and loving spirit I’ve ever come across. With a great love for others and a kind of kindness I just can’t explain. She is that sweet that if anyone should hurt her, she’ll hug them instead of be upset or angry lol – hope that explains things. Esther may be petite in stature but extremely creative and bold in character and style and definitely destined for a great successful life as a fashion journalist because of the favour of God on her life and her passion for adventure in the fashion world.

StylebyLoren StyleByLoren

In 2014 she asked to job shadow me for her grade 11 assignment, which we never ended up doing. This year she took full initiative to spend one week of her June holidays to job shadow me.

As awesome as it sounds, it was extremely scary at first because I wasn’t sure if what I had to offer would be relevant. I mean I am self-taught and winging everything I do the way I feel is best along with the mentorship of good friends. So, slightly freaked out we started our week with these words “Are you crazy for wanting to shadow me” lol and that I asked her several times throughout the week but because of whom she is, she just laughed and smiled all innocently.

Our week went something like this…


Fashion Shadow with StyleByLoren 

Esther got to encounter what I have to do as a brand consultant. Started off in town, checking up on a store and attack social media to update everyone’s Monday posts while having hot chocolate Esther got to meet a good friend and mentor to me, Elisha Mpofu – owner of Boaston Society. We then headed to Woodstock where most of my admin is done and started her blog site on wordpress called EstherStarry.


Fashion Shadow with StyleByLoren

Another day in the office – because girrrrrrrl, fashion isn’t all about nice times on the road! LOL – I showed Esther what I did as a fashion content producer for an online magazine and while I attended to some admin she tried to put together one section on her own. Shame, I was bored for her! But then we got to skype interview Theodore Afrika who is also a great friend of mine and a phenomenal creative who lives by these words “Just Do It”.


Fashion Shadow with StyleByLoren

 Finally, a day out of the office and into a space where we get our nails ruined when making jewellery. Signet Royale is handmade with recycled fabrics produced by myself and Mekaila Mathys. But first, join us in bed for coffee because we only start at 11am. (^^,)


Fashion Shadow with StyleByLoren

Now, because I can’t afford a P.A yet I ended up double booking myself and only met up with Esther and Zeenat later the afternoon after they’ve already done some street style spotting. Thereafter we skyped interviews Julian Kubel, owner of Butan Wear.


Fashion Shadow with StyleByLoren 

We had a mini fashion challenge. Esther had to style me and I had to style her – this allowed her to experience life as a fashion stylist, which she admitted is not as easy as it seemed lol. Then we headed to the streets with fabulous Zeenat to experience life as a blogger. Thereafter we went to the casting studio where Esther got to witness the unglamorous life of a “model” lol… and then ended our day with a good meal at Neighborhood!! YUM!!

Below is the outcome of the stylist challenge.

Dressed by Esther


Dressed by me

EstherStarryEstherStarry EstherStarry EstherStarry

Our paths may look the same but our experiences will be prove of how different it really is.




Major THANK YOU to Mix Clothing for allowing us to do this challenge from the store. Bigger thank you to Zeenat Bandeker of Pursuing Pictorialism for the beautiful pictures.


To ESTHER CUPIDO thank you for choosing me. You came with my reward – “I believe all things happen for a reason and every delay comes with a greater reward.” The reward was to teach me SELF-LOVE again and make me understand and know that I am SOMEBODY too.

You are amazing!!!


“Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody”