My Glamping Inspired Look, was put together out of excitement to finally be out in nature! A while ago, Zeenat and I headed out to one of AfriCamps glamping sites to shoot two fashion editorials. In that time we were meant to shoot a few looks for my Style Diary, but never got around to it. However, we have this one nailed and ready to share with you.

About this look:

Whether these items are trending at the moment or not, I am absolutely obsessed with each of the things I am wearing. It may seem like one of those “I don’t know what to wear so throw on everything” type of situations. But it’s not… I think, LOL.


From head to toe…

Like my hair, I tend to look bigger than what I really am. I wear clothing that makes me look a size or two bigger than my actual size, and that is because I generally prefer loose fitting things. I am pear-shaped and should be showing off my smaller parts, such as my waist, neck and legs/ankles. As you can see above, I almost covered everything.

The sleeveless trench coat helped me achieve the waist part simply by me tying the belt to the back. As for the jeans, well… it ends on my ankles so I was forced to roll it up anyway, which allowed me to show off my skinny ankles (which don’t actually look skinny in these shoes, weird).


This is definitely a look you can take from DAY to NIGHT by simply changing up either the shoes and losing the sleeveless trench or by keeping it on. On our way to Robertson, the AfriCamps site we stayed at (btw, if you want to know about how I found staying in a glamorous tent then check out my video – HERE), I wore this outfit without the sleeveless trench and wore super chilled slippers with it. Instead of buttoning up the shirt all the way, I had left it open a bit.


Does this look not remind you of Jane’s dad (Tarzan’s father in law)??

Anyway, lol…

The trench you can purchase from AidanJ Designs 

Also, if you enjoy camping and would like to still get good sleep at night, then give AfriCamps a try. The Pat Busch camp site is filled with fun activities and the service is so friendly.

Have look at their website – HERE

                                                                Photographed by Pursuing Pictorialism

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Happy Styling!