What is Glamping?

Glamping is a glamorous way of camping. You get to be out in nature without having to give up the luxury of a comfortable bed, a stove and hot showers. You may be sleeping in a tent but everything inside is what you would find at home. This modern way of camping will have your entire family wanting to go on long vacations because, like with AfriCamps, there are so many activities to do on the camp sites.

More about AfriCamps

On each camp site you are welcomed by local landowners and farmers, whom AfriCamps partnered up with  to share their glamping experiences by setting up the unique boutique tents on their land. AfriCamps celebrates our country’s beautiful produce and believes that by glamping on these farms you and your kids will get to learn about farming, animals and fresh produce. As well as discover the serenity that comes from being in nature.

Check out my video to hear more about my personal experience.

glamping in the western cape

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