Being a stylist was all I wanted to be until I met a lady who at the time was a complete stranger who requested my assistance in doing a makeover for her. With absolutely no experience as a stylist just a book filled with creative concepts I obviously said “no, I can’t do that”. I couldn’t understand why she felt I was capable to pull off something like this. Not only was she a stranger she was also married with two kids… This definitely got me questioning myself because I was only 20 years old and just started putting it out there that I am interested in fashion.

 So, who was she and what was she trying to teach me? How and why do things like this happen?

 Clearly at that point I didn’t think about the future and what this strange encounter meant. However, after giving it some thought I decided to take up the challenge. Even after agreeing to do it I still battled with HOW I am going to make it worth her while. I didn’t expect payment because it was my first time doing this and I was pretty clueless about it all – well so I thought. But finally after hearing her heart through her texts I knew how what to do.

>> Every hardworking woman deserves a little “Me Time” <<

 One of the things I am grateful for is, not knowing how things are meant to be done. With nothing limiting my thoughts I came up with a “program” that was beyond her expectations. And even though my initial plan didn’t work out it was still executed. Doing everything on my own wasn’t an option because for one, I was terrible with doing hair, makeup and nails. So I’ve asked two friends to help me out. With just talking her through ways of working the items of clothing that she has and informing her on how to throw on basic makeup in a few minutes as well as showing her how to do her hair she was impressed but, that wasn’t the end…

 Because her body was something she was conscious of and not happy with I encouraged her to get into her swimsuit and allow us to photograph her. And no it wasn’t an easy task – with a lot of encouragement she eventually loosened up and strut her poses and started having fun in front of the camera. We all had a blast and it was indeed an overwhelming experience because she went from a shy, timid woman to a bold, fun and beautiful woman, not because of the makeup and the “shooshed” hair but because she was excited to be who she truly is. What made me realise my job with her is done was when her husband walked in and reacted to her new glow.

 It has been 3 years already and we are still in contact. I am sure she came as a messenger from God to show me the purpose of this company. God placed a desire in my heart that has become a vessel through which I’ll live out my purpose of encouraging and empowering women.

 Xx Step by Step this empire grows for the Kingdom of God xX