How to look taller in 8 simple steps.

The trick to looking taller is in the cut of the garment and the type of print on the garment. Cuts and prints that create the illusion of length is what you should be shopping for.

1. Wear fitted or semi-fitted clothing.

With the fabric clinging to your body, it will create a beautiful vertical line. Bodycon’s are perfect as they make you look slimmer and taller.

2. Avoid baggy clothing.

Those “cute” oversize tees, DONT DO IT! They create a horizontal line which then takes inches off your length.

3. Wear long and short evening dresses.

I know many would say NO to long dresses, but it creates length when fitted or semi fitted, either floor length or floor-sweeping. Above the knee or just below the knee will make your legs look longer too. However, if you are going to wear something over your knees then make sure the neckline of the dress is open, either a v-neck or sweetheart neckline. Hi-lo or asymmetrical dresses meanwhile is shorter on one side and longer on the other will help lengthen your height due to the elongation cut.

4.Wear A-line and high-waisted Evening Dresses.

An a-line evening dress is flattering for any women because of the balanced silhouette. High-waisted empire dress has short upper half and long bottom half which makes your legs look longer. Dresses with trailing train are also recommended as the train help create an elongated illusion.

5. Avoid flared out dressed.

They’ll rob you of your length!!

6. Wear necklines that help create length illusions.

Necklines like V-neck, plunging V-neck and halter neck has the elongation effect.

7. Wear tops that ends at and above the hips.

Long tops that cover your hip will make your legs appear shorter. Go for tops that ends at and above the hips instead.

8. Wear pants that elongates your legs.

Straight cut pants create straight vertical lines that are flattering for short women. High-waisted pants is also a good choice for short women. Capri, flared out and low-waisted pants are NO NO pants as they will make you look boxy and short.



  1. Avoid big bags! People need to see all of you.


  1.  Wear pointed flats, they create length.
  2.  T straps which has vertical lining going up down is good too.
  3. If possible, match the shoe color with your bottom.
  4. Ankle strap shoes cut off your feet and make you look shorter.


Hope this helped you get idea of what to look out for and what to avoid.

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Happy Styling!