How to own your style starts by knowing what your style is. But, what if you don’t have a specific style, what then?

As much as fashion allows us to be “free”, it also creates unwanted clicks, leaving some feeling less trendy than others. But if your style is based on what you like and is a reflection of your personality then go for gold honey, whether what you wearing is or is not currently trending. I do however feel that what one wears isn’t always a direct translation of who they truly are.


With that being said, I don’t have a specific style. I dress according to how I feel. I may admire people’s styles such as Gwen Stafani and Victoria Beckham, but I don’t dress like them. Everyday I look different and proud of what a slipped into, whether people like it or not. Individuals with an uncapped sense of style  are hard to control, describe and at times hard to understand. One minute they are sophisticated and the next they are colourful, and that’s OKAY!

Never apologise for being YOU!

 Below you will notice that my choice of styling is rather unexpected to what I usually do…

Look 1

Black on black fashion

This cami that was meant for under your blouse, should have never been taken to the streets… Said NO fashion conscious person EVER, but I am sure some of the older generation have a lot to say about it.

Paired with a great set of jeans and some comfy heels and there you go… effortlessly lekker!

Black on Black fashion Black on Black fashion

Look 2

black on black fashion

To deal with the Mother City’s mood swings (change of weather), throw on a chinese collared leather jacket (no1 has time for REGULAR collars).

black on black fashion black on black fashion

Look 3

Black on Black fashion, how to own your style

What is a look without accessories and some lipstick?

Black on Black fashion, how to own your style Black on Black fashion, how to own your style

And KaBoom!!!

Good girl dressed like a badass…

What you wear doesn’t always portray the type of person you are. And like Sophia Amoruso said in chapter 10 of the #GIRLBOSS book “When you choose your clothing right, it feels good. And there is nothing shallow about feeling good.”

So, go on and be fabulous!

black on black fashion
—- AshSwartz Photogrphy —-

Happy Styling!