Good day!

I trust you are well and excited for what 2016 is about to lay in front of you. I know I have been extremely quiet… Lot’s has happened and I am still thinking about whether or not I should share some personal ish with you all.

Anyway, while I figure that out I would love to share some of my favourite outfits I wore in 2015. These are two/four “Go-To” outfits that I use to pull out when I am stuck and don’t have the time to figure out what I feel like wearing lol. Also, I am naturally and unintentionally a bargain queen. Seriously! It is as if I am either drawn to great deals or the great deals are drawn to me. In other cases I usually just get things from friends or kind grannies lol.

So here it goes…

This look was my “Edgy Corporate” combo.

StyleByLoren StyleByLoren

This cost roughly R535.00

Sunglasses R100, Top R350, Shoes R85. Everything else was given to me.

This one is my “Edgy Casual” something something.

StyleByLoren IMG_7972

The costs of this look was R644.00.

Mink R199, Top R350, Shoes R85.

Moving on….

I have no name for this look – it’s just one of those…

StyleByLoren IMG_8052

The cost R400.00

Sleeveless coat R100, Polar neck R150, Shoes R150. These vintage trousers I got from a friend who couldn’t fit in them anymore. (”,)

Again, no name for this one either.


The cost R499.00

Mink R199, Polar neck R150, Shoes R150.


And that’s a WRAP!!!

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All images captured by the one and only… Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorilsm

Happy styling!