Do you ever just hangout on pinterest or google for outfit inspirations? Hunny, I am not saying I have the BEST fashion sense, but my Style Diary is here to help you try out new things. So, if ever you need an outfit inspiration, visit my site or instagram account 🙂 – @StyleByLoren

Now, about this look:

outfit inspiration  outfit inspiration

It started with the scarf. One of my favourite florally items, even though I am no fan of flowers and floral clothing. This lil number won over my heart when I worked at Lu by Lolita. I think what attracted me to it was the pop of colour. Anyway, I really just wanted to wear this scarf again and started mixing and matching some of my clothing up with it.

Side note: This is a really long scarf and I did have to tuck and twirl to hide a lot of the fabric, but hey boo… it worked!

outfit inspiration. outfit inspiration outfit inspiration

After mixing and matching in my head, I ended up with this look.

It is BAGGY, BRIGHT and BOLD. Can this look work for you too? Defs! The trick is, showing off your smaller parts – your NECK. As for the thick wedge, because it is a t-bar, it creates the illusion of length which then takes the focus off the bagginess of the trousers. A bold look like this is easily noticed again, so you will need to come up with ways to style it differently to avoid the “she is permy in that outfit” type of statements.

Here are simple ways to wear this outfit again and again:

  1. Doekless – without the scarf.
  2. Polished – add a waist belt, pointed stilettos and chandler earrings.
  3. Street – add a bandana around the neck and a pair of sneakers.
  4. Tidy tucks – tuck in the shirt with a printed belt and a pair of pumps.
  5. Diva – add a sleeveless mink with your preferred DIVA SCREAMING shoes.

P.s Colour blocking may not be a “VIBE” at the moment but it made such a great return on runways that if you were to colour block, nobody would think you weird. But ag what, even if they do, who cares! If you are new to colour blocking, as in NEVER gave it a try, then head over to my Colour Blocking post for more tips on how to rock colour blocking.

outfit inspiration
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 Happy styling!!!