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 One month before my wedding I finally went for a facial that was looooooong overdue, at Nirvana Health and Beauty. Being the not so girly type and not really enjoying the various faffing that comes with being woman, I can proudly say that having a facial is absolutely necessary!

The amount of things the skin on your face experience on a daily basis needs to be treated to maintain great durability. Not that your skin will slowly start disappearing from your face but it needs to be taken care of so that it remains healthy through out your existence on earth.

They say first impressions count, which is very true but does that not include the first thing people see when they meet you? Ladies are judged on the grooming of their hands and men on the grooming of their shoes, which isn’t harsh at all because a lot is told about the person when seeing these things.

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So, what is said about you when you are not taking care of your skin? And please, don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying you should spend lots of cash on looking after your skin. The bare minimum to having healthy skin like drinking water, washing your face with a face wash and not soap and making use of a face cream with SPF in, is just as good!

If you can’t afford to have a facial done as frequently as required then get it when you can but do your daily face washing ritual (‘’,).

My experience at Nirvana Health and Beauty

 In short, it was THE!!! Mekaila Mathys also had a facial and both of us were totally new to this and expected the only thing that will be concentrated on were our faces. But, NO! We left there with a head, shoulder, foot massage and facial threading, all-inclusive!

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I left feeling like a was on cloud 9 and even though I was talking a lot and may have fractured Farnaaz, the beautician’s fingers with my tense shoulders, I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful the rest of the day.

Here is what Mekaila had to say about her experience:


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Nirvana. Best facial ever!!! No, seriously. As soon as we arrived, we were met with a friendly face and a very inviting and hospitable personality. I felt comfortable and at home instantly. When my treatment began, I was quite surprised at the wealth of knowledge Farnaaz had, which she was more than happy to share with me regarding my skin and any other information and questions I had. I was in my happy place. I felt so relaxed and I nearly fell asleep at one point because of how amazing the facial was. I would go back any day and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have had such a great time and experience.

Beauty, facials

We both received treatments specifically for the skin troubles we had and this is the product that were used:


Therevine facials provide the perfect skin maintenance to hydrate, rebalance, nourish and stop time in its tracks while its aroma and texture provides for multi-sensory experience.


A deep-cleansing facial customized to gently remove surface impurities followed by a peronalised mask while utilizing specially selected aromatic botanicals for restoring balance to the skin, leaving your skin soft and restored.


A facial designed for extreme relaxation with the aromatic scent of essential oils designed to deeply hydrate your skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

Nirvana Health and Beauty is about delivering a superior wellness experience. It’s your safe place, your sanctuary. A space you come to knowing that you’ll receive the highest quality treatment and leave feeling fresh, centered, positive and gained more than a bargain for it. – Farnaaz Hayat

 Nirvana definitely delivered what they promised!


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