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Revived curls, sure looks good on everyone!

 Growing up, I recall curly hair being adored but most of us didn’t know how to handle the attention it drew and ended up tying it in a bun or just blow-drying it. Lots have changed since, and many are embracing their curls!

As a curly-headed girl who only used conditioner to tame her curls, I have officially ended that phase of my life and learned that there are products designed for my hair. Honestly, the conditioner made my hair look, smell and feel amazing but left it pretty damaged. Even after using Aunt Jackie, I decided to move on to something else.

How my thirsty curls got its mojo back

November 2016, I started using Design Essentials. It has been 5 months now and I am still a happy curly-headed girl. Initially I was really anxious because I had my hair coloured for my wedding and thought the texture of my hair would change. An unexpected hair surprise is the last thing a bride-to-be wants.

But it didn’t change, shjoe!!!

The chemicals used to change my hair colour, changed my curl pattern. This is  totally normal, confirmed by Alicia Bailey (The Global Texture Expert).

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Design Essentials philosophy:

Design Essentials offers a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs. We are your partner in style, and like a partner our products are designed to work with you to achieve styling success.

My hair felt a little hard while washing it with Design Essentials for the first time after this new hair colour. Both the hair salon Marios Company Hair and someone from Design Essentials confirmed that it’s completely normal. After about 4 washes it was soft again and back to its old self.

Meet my best friends…

Have you ever come across shampoo you just want to eat??

I absolutely LOVE the smell of the AVOCADO AND ALMOND SHAMPOO and was so tempted to give it a taste LOL. – don’t judge me!

This sulfate free, detangling shampoo, that lasted 4/5 months, creates enough foam leaving my hair feeling squeaky-clean. P.S the amount of shampoo needed depends on the weight of your hair.

curly hair, hair care, design essentials

Instead of using a conditioner, I used the DEEP MOISTURE MASQUE and would comb out my hair using my fingers only. Every now and again I would do a little at-home treatment (product, packet and beanie) – I don’t own a huge dryer and don’t always have time to stand and add heat.

After rinsing I split my hair in quarters and take some of the CURL DEFINING GELEE, then apply and thoroughly work through each quarter of my hair. Depending on the day I would either wrap my hair in a t-shirt to dry or use the hair-dryer and my human diffuser (my hand).

With this product I found myself not needing to wash my hair twice a week. But what helped make my curls pop on the days it looked VROT, was the COCONUT CURL REFRESHER. And then on days I would wash and just tie my hair up, I would use the LEAVE-IN NOURISHER.

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I have coloured my hair TWICE, since the wedding and it is still in great shape!

Am I a FAN of Design Essentials?

Hell yeah! And yes it may seem a little expensive but hey, it is worth every penny. I wash my hair once a week and though I top up on the shampoo, my other products are still good for another few months.

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Visit Design Essentials to see what product is best for your hair type.

Now available in travel size at selected CLICKS stores.

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Happy hairstylist!