Being a smart shopper is something very dear to my heart. I guess it’s because I grew up having to make the most of what I had (my most at times were one of my 5 brother’s hand-me-downs). Yes okay, so there was the occasional shopping spree but it contained things my mother chose for us and every now and again my dad would surprise his daughters with a shopping spree too. Oh yes, he had two other families, hence the sisters. Anyway, my dad allowed us to pick out whatever we wanted but he always managed to spot the items that were “better” priced, and he would say, “If you take this instead, you can get more clothing, think about it”. That right there, definitely influenced my way of thinking when shopping.

Buying things that are considered “expensive” was something you would not find me doing. But has I have grown as a person and entrepreneur; I realised that a pricier item is most times the best quality. And soon I had to meditate on the well-known phrase “Quality over Quantity”.

This new way of thinking took time, and is still something I have to talk myself into from time to time. I took what I battled with and justified the purchase with great reasoning that settled my mind and is something you would want to consider the next time you wanting to purchase something that is slightly outside your price range.

So let’s get into being a SMART SHOPPER!

Can you guess the price of this two-piece? Well, I am not going to tell you.. But you can go and check out the rest of THEOPHILIA Collection, here.

Smart Shopper Smart Shopper Smart Shopper

All that matters is that I was in love with this the minute I saw it! And had to convince myself that I deserve it, because you know as an entrepreneur, you cant always spoil yourself to amazing designer wear. But I worked hard right! Well, that is what I told myself, but that didn’t convince me.

What changed my mind though, was being able to see how else I could style this.

Look 1 – CHIC and sassy…

Smart Shopper Smart Shopper 

Look 2 – Cool and Casual…

Smart Shopper Smart Shopper Smart Shopper

And just like that you are able to make that “pricier” purchase worth every penny! And if you need me to give your wardrobe  WAKE UP CALL, then mail me

P.S Do yourself a favour this season and treat yourself to the things you deserve.

You have earned it!

Happy Styling!!!