Hello you beautiful people!

When last did you wear something and NOT care about what others would think of you? When last did you laugh loud and ugly and NOT care what others thought of you? And when last did were you really transparent about who you really are?

Spring jungle dungaree

“When you begin to think less about what people think of you, that’s when you’ll be able to think!” – Dean Del Sesto

I am reading a book called SHIFT POINTS by Dean Del Sesto and find myself really challenged by a few of the things he has to say. It is a pretty easy book to read and there is no sugarcoating which at times challenges my character, but nothing read thus far is to break you down.

Anyway, when we get invested into what others think of us we allow unnecessary noise in our life, which is the perfect source to keep us from fully pursuing our hearts desires. I actually know a few friends that care waaaaay too much about what other people think of them and I’ve witnessed them step back into the shadows of others.

curly hair, ingot lipstick Jungle printed dungaree in garden curly hair

YOU are the only reason for you missing a season of prosperity!

The minute you start caring less about what you feel you needed to do, you need to start asking yourself questions like:

WHY do I do what I do?

Do I care whether others appreciate me/my work or not?

Am I happy?

To be transparent with others may be difficult, but you owe it to yourself to be fully honest with yourself! Get rid of the crap that make you feel bad about who you are. Cut out those who talk down on you, and clean out your life from anything that would make you feel like you need to conform to something.

eve emporium jungle dungaree eve emporium jungle jumpsuit with gel bag


Live your life with your head up and focus infront of you.

Eve emporium jungle jumpsuit

“Forget about what people think of you. Be fully yourself today, and see how people respond. – Dean Del Sesto

 Photos taken by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorialism


Wardrobe Credit:

Jumpsuit bag – EVE emporium

Shoes – ChiChoBello