Plaid shirts are easily associated with the grunge style or one of the “off-duty” favourites. However, it has made its way onto the streets, runways and even into the office! The plaid shirt is easily styled up with a pair of stilettos or styled down with some cute boots or sneakers. And because of its versatility it is definitely something you’d want this autumn/winter.

Below you will see how I wear ONE outfit in THREE different ways.

Look 1

   plaid shirts plaid shirt

OVER – a plaid over could act as a cardigan on chillier days. Or on the days you feel for the oversized vibe, then this would be a great way to style your plaid. This look can also be worn slightly tailored, paired with a thin belt around the waist.

Look 2

plaid shirt plaid shirt

AROUND – for that self-conscious days or again just wanting a laid back look, wearing your plaid shirt around your waist will do just that. A plaid shirt definitely gives off that “BadAss” look whether you wearing heels or sneakers.

Look 3

plaid shirt  plaid shirt

UNDER – a little unexpected? This happens to be my favourite way to style a shirt, for both males and females. This gives off a quirky feel and is a great way to enjoy the “layer” trend.

plaid shirt
Photographed by Aj Young


Give this a try and let me how you found it 🙂


Happy Styling!