Ever wondered how to maximise your playsuit and get a longer “styling life span” out of it? Or am I the only noodle that thinks that way? Anyway, I bought this bomb jumpsuit from Liezl from Savvy and Styling, (yeah babe, secondhand), and even though it’s really short, I still wanted it and thought up ways to style it to better suit my current issues (cellulite thighs.. etc). LOL!

Tip 1: 

Lets start with the most obvious one. Wear a kimono or light-weight jacket over it that adds extra length. If the playsuit has a belt with it, use it over the kimono or jacket to create a more tailored look.

Tip 2: 

Running out of long-sleeved or stylish sleeved tops? Wear your playsuit! Try it underneath a dungaree, dress or jumpsuit (see previous post), and use the belt as a chocker.

Tip 3:

For that sassy yet chic look, style your playsuit with an a-line or full circle skirt. Zero lines, zero clue (of what is really going on underneath)!!! And again, use the belt around the waist just because you can!

Give it a try and let me know how it went. Feel free to tag me in your OOTD, I am curious to see how and what you put together!


Happy Styling!!!