The one thing I always look out for when it comes to clothing, is how to wear it in more than TWO ways. Today I will be showing you ways to style an over-sized shirt (whether yours, your dads, husbands or brothers).

Lets get right into it.

Look 1 – Off the shoulder

This one is pretty popular. The trick to getting it to fit right is by tying the button with the button-hole that is below the one you am supposed to tie it to. This will allow the one side of the collar to fit right above your shoulder and give you enough room to shimmy the other shoulder around comfortably. To create a tailored look, don’t tie all the other buttons and cross over the front part of the shirt before tucking it in. I used a safety-pin to avoid unwanted air vents.

Ways to style an over-sized shirt   ways to style an over-sized shirt

Look 2 – Wide V-neck

This one is super chic. To achieve this, the buttons will need to be tied evenly and could be worn buttoned all the way down with a waist belt or as a loose fit top!

ways to style your over-sized shirt

Look 3 – Off the shoulders

Why settle for that off the shoulders top that can only be worn one way, when you can DIY with an over-sized shirt! Should the shirt be too tight or to lose when tying the button, then rather opt for a safety-pin. Because hunny, you don’t want your shirt ending up by your knees and neither do you want to cut off your blood circulation. IT AINT WORTH IT !

ways to style your over-sized shirt

Look 4 – Back to Front

This look is super unusual and be prepared for weird stares. The cool thing about this look is that you can determine how deep you want the v that is created with the buttons at the back or you can button up half way and the rest lose.

ways to style an over-sized shirt ways to style an over-sized shirt ways to style an over-sized shirt

Look 5 – Boobtube

This one I discovered one evening when I really had nothing funky to wear to a fashion show. I asked my brother for one of his shirts (which is actually the one seen in this post) and tried out various ways to style it. Then BAM! Again, should tying the buttons cause discomfort, opt for safety pins. With this look, you will need to do a lot of tucking to avoid weird folds across the bust area. The sleeves are used as a belt across and around your waist and tucked away neatly. Should the sleeves not be able to go around’your waist, it’s okay. Tie it then straight to the back the first time.

 ways to style an over-sized shirt ways to style your over-sized shirt ways to style your over-sized shirt

There you have it!

Do you have a Style Tip to share with me? If you have an idea of how else an over-sized shirt can be worn, let me know. Always keen to try new things.


Happy Styling!