Hello Summer!!!

I trust all of you are excited to be hitting the beach and planning your holiday out and about in the sun. I haven’t been to the beach yet and did not plan a holiday but I am burnt already, lol. Silly me underestimated the heat and found my self with a red chest and a two toned face, but what can one do now other than laugh and NEVER leave the house without sunblock on!

Anyhow, Zeenat and I hit the supermarket not too long ago to prep for the summer post and found it really challenging because everyone was looking at us and because of the clothing choices which was definitely unusual to a everyday shopper. Nonetheless, we had lots of fun!

The first look:


Always be prepared this summer and dress up your swimwear to make it appropriate for whichever environment you find yourself in. Summer makes people very spontaneous, so who knows where you will be heading for the rest of the day! 🙂

Clothing credit: EVE emporium; shoes from Jet.

The second look:


No-one said you only have to rock short things in summer, so for those who prefer more coverage try keeping your colours light and refreshing.

Clothing Credit: Merwe Mode; shoes from Jet and cap from Mr Price.

Remember to never negotiate your personality or personal style. That is what sets you apart!

Happy Styling this summer.

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All images taken by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictoriliasm