Today you will get to see a t-shirt and jeans with a corporate twist because there is nothing more classic than pairing T-shirt and jeans together. This go-to combo can easily be dressed up but at the same time can leave you feeling super bleak.

For those of you that go to work like this and need to from time to time meet potential clients and you are simply not feeling like you looking the part… Well then, here are a few things you may want to consider keeping in the back of your car or handbag/backpack, whichever you prefer.

Let’s get on with it…

  1. Swap out the sneakers, for heels. If you not one for stilettos then go for block heels that you are comfortable in. The height of your heel does not distinguish how “highly” qualified you are and all that other bull. LOL, so don’t buy into that and wear comfortable shoes that will make you look and feel good!
  2. A blazer is an easy way to manipulate any outfit into looking a little more “put together”. One that fits well or slightly tailored gives off that I MEAN BUSINESS vibe!
  3. If it’s a hot day, then pull out the pencil skirt. This little number paired with your t-shirt tucked in neatly will show your potential client that you respect him/her.
  4. Ditch the backpack if its your old school bag. If it’s leather, I don’t see a problem with it. Or simply just swap it out with a clutch or leather tote.
  5. Last but not least. To complete your t-shirt and jeans to being that corporate queen is being confident and knowing that what you have to offer your clients is worth every penny invested.

If you still don’t agree with looking the part, then check out my post on “How to close deals in heels”

T-shirt and Jeans with a Corporate twist

More about this look:

Backpack, FRASERS. Blazer, IT WAS A GIFT. T-shirt, JUAN. Jeans, MR PRICE. Shoes, Luscious by Lauren.

Photography by AshSwartz Photography

 T-shirt and Jeans with a Corporate twist

Well, that’s it from me, your personal stylist!

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