Today we will be learning about a Cape Town fashion brand called The Fashion Lott. I have worn a few of their designs and always received compliments on the style and fabric of choice. Many shy away from local brands because of bad experiences (bad fabric or service) or dishonesty (where the product was really manufactured). I too had bad experiences but I chose to kindly share my concerns and hoped that they would reconsider their choices.

How are we going to build each other up if we are not able to share our concerns. Right? But, the manner in which we do this needs to be polite. Think about how you would like someone to share a concern with you.

Cape Town fashion brand - The Fashion Lott The Fashion Lott  Cape Town fashion brand - Fashion Lott

Well, let’s get into learning about The Fashion Lott.

The Fashion Lott started in late 2015 out of a room apartment located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Their designers are extremely passionate about the clothes they create; they want every woman to feel confident, powerful and most of all FABULOUS! The trendy styles they design caters to all women of different shapes and sizes. 

They believe that online shopping should be more social and fun. This was how their ‘Facebook store’ concept was developed. Facebook allows them to chat to their customers directly and answer all questions and queries instantaneously. They love getting to know their customers and chatting with them like a friend.

We strive to offer the best customer experience possible. At The Fashion Lott, we believe it’s all about YOU, therefore every piece is curated especially for you! We are constantly in the design room, improving and creating new and trendy fashionable pieces for our fashionistas. – Shanice Fortuin, founder of The Fashion Lott.

Cape Town fashion brand - Fashion Lott Cape Town fashion brand - Fashion Lott

I really hope that this influenced your perception about local brands in a positive way.

For more info, click here – The Fashion Lott

Happy Styling!!