Three years ago, October 2013 during my quiet time God said: “just wait two years and don’t make anyone your boyfriend, trust me.” This was right after getting out of a relationship that I was kind of hoping would be the last one. How I came to know that, that was not the guy was by taking a week out to fast and pray and then I just knew this is not it! And that’s when God revealed my next challenge.

Oh boi, which was indeed a challenge because I met great guys I could see myself dating. These guys (just so you know it wasn’t a lot of guys but was indeed more than two), had characteristics and skills that were so compatible and “perfect”. Knowing me, someone with business skills, an interest in the fashion industry, a spontaneous soul and just an out of the box thinker definitely captures my attention! I didn’t make any of them my boyfriend and those who were interested in dating me I would say no to them followed by, you are not my husband. This left them confused because how does anyone know whom their husband or wife is without an explanation. It was confusing for me too because in the moment it just seemed possible, but when I actually gave it enough thought, it seemed disruptive because none of these guys had an interest in God the way I do.

In 2015, I met a guy that’s story was right with God and he had a huge interest in the fashion industry as well as a heart for people. For a while I convinced myself that maybe this is it, only to discover that we are just not compatible at all. Great as buddies but that’s IT!

 Not every saved guy is the right guy for you 

December 2013, I posted a status on Facebook saying I can’t wait to be a young wife and have a husband that can serve in ministry with me… Exactly two years later, someone who I knew for at least 4 years at the time decides to make his feelings known to me. This is someone that I kind of dated in 2011, but it didn’t work because we both were messed up and on top of that he dated one of my close friends like a year ago. So it was a No, No, No are you mad situation. Now, let’s just backtrack a bit. For the two years I decided that a guy must be bold enough to pursue me regardless of the complications, he must LOVE God, know what he wants and want to marry me not just date me. Well, can you guess what this noodle said when sharing his feelings? “I see myself marrying you”! That is what he said not knowing what I have been declaring.

 Make all requests known 

Long story short, after fighting his request I asked God “can it be?” and God said, “Trust me”. Fine, I went with it and our next step was to speak to my friend so that she doesn’t hear it from anyone else. Keep in mind I fought the idea of being pursued by a friends ex because I HATED the idea of any of my friends getting with one of my ex boyfriends. Also, I was not prepared to lose a friend over a guy so a lot was at steak. But God is good when you allow him to have his way. We prayed for peace before going to see her and just trusted that God will have his way and deal with any heartache. Little did we know that God had already started preparing her for the news through dreams. When we spoke to her there was peace and even though she was emotional she was extremely happy for me like a close friend would be. We speak of these things regularly enough to understand that when any of our desires are met, we are not going to stand in the way of someone else’s blessing. This guy was someone she thought she was going to marry, so the amount of heartache expected was great BUT God showed up and ministered to her and gave her peace about everything. This drew us even closer together and even though her ex was pursuing me, I was still there for her, even if what she wanted to talk about involved him.

 Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it… 

After missing the goal of getting engaged at 21 years old I said I want to get married when I am 25 years old. 3 months after dating, this mystery man proposed and before I turn 26 I will be getting married!

Chester Langenhoven, the chap who was brave enough to pursue me is a Civil engineer and former rugby player. No interest in business, fashion and not at really spontaneous… Are we compatible? Maybe not to everyone else, but to God we are perfect and when I think about it we are more than compatible! Opposites sure do attract!!!

Obedience is better than sacrifice 

 Just wait on God and you’ll see the most unbelievable things take place.