There are so many things I find myself liking these days that are not ideally what I would go for. More and more I am drawn to something “girlier” and “frillier”! I am almost sure it’s God answering Chester’s prayers lol.

Green flared tunic

I like that I like new things. It kind of makes me excited to see how extreme I could possibly go…

Anyway, this very green, flared sleeve tunic I bought at Mr Price when taking a friend shopping. I could not resist the amazing colour and the red sale sticker on it too! It was so alone, randomly peeking out of the messy batch of clothing on the rail. I tried looking for it’s fam so I can get my hands on my size… but, there was no luck. However, this darling went all the way with me to the till and I don’t regret purchasing it because it’s PERFECT!

Green, flared sleeve tunic! Green flared sleeve tunic

Now, before moving on I wanted to know if you have also been asked “what exactly is a tunic?”, or am I the only one being asked? I too, at some point was so unsure what its true description is and did what you are also about to do… GOOGLE IT!

According to Wikipedia it means:

A tunic is any of several types of garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the ankles. The name derives from the Latin tunica, the basic garment worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome, which in turn was based on earlier Greek garments that covered people around their waist.

 Green flared sleeve tunic with gold chain Green flared sleeved tunic with chain 

Tunics are great in summer. They easy to wear and can be paired with various things to give it a completely different vibe.

As in the pictures above, I added a belt to create shape. Do keep in mind though that by adding a belt you are altering the length so it may be best to where a pair of leggings.

Green flared sleeve tunic with gold chain

This trendy tunic has got me gaga over it.

Let me know how you wear your tunics by tweeting me a pic on twitter or tagging me in a pic on facebook or instagram.

Wedged sandal

Photographed by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorialism

Happy Styling!