Vintage fashion or clothing are garments from a different era, specifically from 20 years ago or more. It has become so popular again that retailers have made a copy of an older garment. Is vintage fashion something you are in to?

Initially I was not a fan of vintage, but I started liking it when I discovered my interest in classic cuts and prints. Would I wear a full on vintage look? NO, not at all, because as much as I appreciate the classic vibe, I still prefer feeling like a modern princess.

Autumn X Vintage fashion

What is your favourite season? I think I secretively love autumn. The textures and colours that are about to be exposed in the fashion industry really makes me super excited!

Thicker fabrics, colours and prints we may have forgotten about will soon be all over the show! I am almost 100% sure many designers and retailers will draw their inspiration from vintage fashion.

  Vintage fashion  Vintage fashion

I have a confession!

This outfit has been with me for at least 5 years now. A friend’s grandma gave me this skirt, but because it was too big for me at the time, I never ended up wearing it. I have also been shy of my legs and never felt confident in skirts. BUT, I realised that these are the only set of legs I will ever have and decided to just GET OVER my insecurities and werk them legs!

The top I am wearing, I literally scratched out a box at a friend’s house and even though I was never the lace or pastel type, I knew one day this little number will come in handy. Both these pieces have had their days but still in great conditions. In fact, you could classify the outfit as vintage because it is probably 30 plus years old already.

Vintage fashion Vintage fashion

Autumn/Winter is a great time to pull out some VINTAGE! Thrift stores have the best textured clothing from coats, pants, dresses etc…

The challenge is to make it work for 2017. Modernise your look with something that is currently on trend and try different ways of mixing textures and print for the fun of Fashion!

Vintage fashion
—-Pursuing Pictorialism—-

 Happy styling!!!