There are a few of us out here just so shy to explore different colours because of various personal reasons. If you are someone who is wanting to subtly get out of that colourless trap, then this post is for you. I will be sharing ways to incorporate colour into your wardrobe with 5 simple steps.

The easiest way to start is by opting for colour accessories. Use of colour cosmetics and then work your way to colour clothing. There is nothing wrong with not liking colourful clothing. But don’t allow yourself to stay away from it because of an underlined fear. Whether you wearing black, pale colours or orange, either way someone is looking at you, either way someone is saying something about you, either way you are being noticed. SO… make it count and give them a damn good reason for looking!

5 items to consider when incorporating colour:






I hope seeing this POP of COLOUR has not caused any anxiety. Start small and work your way towards the clothing!

Feel free to tag me in your outfit post, I am always keen to see!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top, Factorie. Jeans, Soviet. Bag, BECCA BLAIR. Shoes, Mr Price. Nailpolish, POISED COSMETICS.

Happy Styling!

 Ways to incorporate colour into your wardrobe