A few weeks ago I joined Kelly Kikx on The That Show to talk about WHAT StyleByLoren is and what projects are lined up for 2017. The one I shared about is in association with ZANDO  and how I become your personal shop assistant by just signing up via my link.

Many people are still unsure and afraid to use online shopping. Honestly, it is so convenient especially for the modern mom that has a full time job and does not have the time to hit the stores. This helps save on petrol and money that you will usually spend on food or other unnecessary things you come across in a shopping centre.

Think about it:

All you will do is go online via your phone or pc to ZANDO, search what you looking for, add to your cart, once you done select a payment method and wallah! In two to three working days your garment will be delivered to you at NO ADDITIONAL COST unless it’s not in South Africa. To make it even easier, you can download the ZANDO app, then you wont need to go through the hassle of looking it up.

But now what if you prefer assistance like you would get in a retail store? Well, that is where I come in. Once you have signed up via my link, I will then be able to assist you in selecting the right garment that would best suit your body type. Like you would send a sales assistant to go check if they have what you need, you can send me to check for a few options for what you want and then from a small selection that I have compiled for you, you can then make a final selection and purchase the item you prefer.

I enjoy assisting wherever I can. And I totally understand that it can be discouraging to purchase things that end up not look great on you when you try it on.

Let me help you make better decisions!

From your Stylist and Image Consulting friend, Happy Styling!