Meet the Vivian Kimono by The Fashion Lott

This is my current obsession and definitely a winter MUST-HAVE. As we all know coats are a number one purchase each winter, but honestly there are days in the Mother City aka Cape Town when a coat is just too much for our sunny winter days. The winter kimono is perfect for those day and gives off a very dramatic “I have arrived” vibe!

WInter KimonoWInter KimonoWinter Must-Have

In the images above I am wearing:

Vivian Kimono from The Fashion Lott

Dress from Indhi Designs

Thigh High socks from a stalltjie

Shoes from Jet

Now many may feel my dress is too short and yeah, I will never wear a dress this short with heels. BUT, Vivian (the kimono) gives enough coverage for me to feel comfy pairing a “LBD” and heels together. The thigh high socks does give off a lot of “sexinessims” (my own word, leave me alone) but again, the kimono creates enough coverage so that ALL OF YOU is not on show. And come on now, it’s a turtle-neck dress so a little bit of skin shouldn’t be a stumbling block.

Must Have IMG_8517

In the image above I am wearing:

Vivian Kimono from The Fashion Lott

Shirt from Edgars

Jeans, was given to me. (tore it myself)

Shoes from Edgars (for only R85, had to mention it)

This is a very “manly” look, I seriously was not in the mood to get dress because it was cold. You can never go wrong with black and most of us, when we not in the mood to get dress we pull out any black items and throw it on, right? You can never go wrong with black! Anyway, as you can see by adding the “show stopping” kimono it just looked better!

My encouragement to you:

Wear whatever you are comfortable in, whether it’s according to your mood or the phase/season you in, just wear what you want to regardless of what other people say. If you are two-minded about a little number, toss it and try again!

Happy Styling!!!

Photography by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorialism

Vivian Kimono from The Fashion Lott