Have you ever put on something and just LOVED everything about it? This winter “must have” will have you out and about feeling both comfy and sexy!

That was me in this absolutely amazing dress by FABlane Online.


This effortlessly chic piece of heaven had me feeling sexy, and with its modest length I felt less conscious of it being a bit snug. I was still kept nice and warm even with my shoulders exposed.

Can you believe it!

fablane, fashion, knitwear fablane, knitwear, fashion

Ways to style-up this beauty:

  1. Glam up with a stunning gold belt, killer stilettos and a stunning handbag.
  2. Keep it street with a pair of chuck taylor or cute trainers and a plaid shirt around the waist.
  3. Bulk on up with a beautiful printed scarf and stunning boots.
  4. Take it to the office with a small scarf tied around the neck with a pair on pointed stilettos.
  5. For that random sunny day, roll up the sleeves and throw on a pair of stunning sandals.

fablane, winter knitwear fablane, winter, knitwear Fablane, winter knitwear

This black knitted dress is definitely a WINTER MUST HAVE!

How would you rock this dress?

I am always happy to hear from you.

Who knows, your interaction might get you something 🙂

Winter Must Have knitwear
Photographed by Pursuing Pictorialism

Happy Styling this Winter!