Winter was indeed a great season. From a fashion point of view it is probably many peoples favourite season because of how you can wear more than one top and play around with different ways of layering and so on. I enjoy winter for the amazing jerseys and jackets I get to wear. But I have to admit, I didn’t go all out with the layering factor.

Dressing your pear

I did however play around with oversized clothing and I will admit it was partially to cover up the extra parts of me… It is easy to lose yourself in oversized clothing. With great shoes and a waist belt, you can make any sack of clothing look Ammaazziinng!! Below you will notice my oversized obsession being tailored to give off a strong yet feminine feel.

Oversized fashion Oversized jersey


Because I have a pear shape/triangle shape body I could easily make myself look bigger than what I am when wearing clothing that are big and falls right over my hips. And this is to all PEARS out there, always draw attention away from your hips by exposing your collarbone and accentuate your tiny waist by using a belt. This jersey would have been great without a belt if I wore trousers that were tighter or if I wore opened toed sandals or pointy stiletto pumps that would help create the illusion of long slim legs.

StyleByLoren fashion photographed by Pursuing Pictorialism StyleByLoren fashion photographed by Pursuing Pictorialism

If you need any tips on how to dress your body type, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me J

Now, go on and be fabulous!

Photographed by Zeenat Banderker of Pursuing Pictorialism

Clothing credit:

Jersey – Edgars

Belts and pants – Mr Price

Shoes – ChiChoBello Lifestyle